How to Deposit Funds to my ProsperityFX Account via Ripple (XRP)

You need to go to the Deposit Funds section.


Choose Ripple (XRP) as the Deposit Type.


Select a Wallet to deposit into.

Enter the Amount you want to send.


Tap on Redirect me to the Payment Page.



 Once selected, you will be brought to the below page which will provide you with the Ripple (XRP) address you will need to send your funds to.

When sending your funds from your wallet provider, please, ensure you add your provided Destination Tag in addition to the address and amount.

 If your wallet provider limits you on the amount of digits after the decimal point within the figure, you can always round up your deposit request to the limit shown on your wallet provider on our platform.


When making a deposit request it is important to note the following: 


Make sure to only send Ripple (XRP) to the address displayed on the deposit page.


Send to the exact Ripple (XRP) address displayed on the deposit page.


Never save any of the addresses we provide you, a new Ripple (XRP) address is created each time you would like to make a deposit.


As soon as your Ripple (XRP) wallet provider sends the funds to its processing network, your deposit status will update from WAITING APPROVAL to WAITING CONFIRMATION.

Always check carefully before sending Ripple (XRP) as due to the digital currency protocols, transactions can neither be cancelled nor reversed once sent.

Ripple (XRP) deposits require 3-6 confirmations to be processed which typically take 1-3 hours.

If it goes over the above time-frame or you think there may be an issue with the payment, please get in touch with us on [email protected]


In order to monitor your transaction, you would need to go to the following website:,paste our Ripple addressand locate your payment under Transactions by using your Destination Tag.


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