How Can I View My Trade History and can I Download it?

Modified on: 25th March 2024

You are able to download your trading history to review all of your data and also to assist you with filling in your taxes directly from your account on our website.


Step-by-Step Guide:  


Click on My Accounts followed by View on the trading account that you wish to review your trades;


 Go to the Trade History section and input the date range that you wish to review.


Your trades will now be loaded on the page and you are able to download them via CSV or PDF by selecting Export Account History.

 CSV documents will be downloaded right away on your system, whilst PDF reports will be sent instantly via e-mail to the registered e-mail address of the account.

If you would like to view the trading history of your archived tading account, once you are in the “My Accounts” menu, click on the button “Show Archived”.

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