How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) via App on Mobile

When you are logged into your account, navigate to the Settings menu and select the Enable 2FA via an Authenticator App option.



You should have an Authenticator app installed on your device. If not, kindly download and install an application of your choice. For this guide, we will be using Google Authenticator. Once complete, select Link to proceed further.


You can read the steps of the tutorial that pops up, or you can skip the tutorial. Tap on Start 2FA Verification once you are ready to proceed and copy the 32-digit code provided on the next page.



On the Authenticator app, add a new account via Setup Key titled ProsperityFX. Paste the 32-digit code into the Key field.

Copy the 6-digit code that is provided to you on your Authenticator app and paste it to the relevant field on our website and select Submit.


Once complete, your 2-Factor Authentication will be set up successfully.


Want to set up Two-Factor Authentication via SMS? Click/tap here.


Want to set up Two-Factor Authentication via Email? Click/tap here.

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