TradeLocker Interface Explained

 Our new TradeLocker platform offers a variety of tools that can help enhance your trading experience. 

Here’s a quick guide to using some of our most useful features:

1. Navigation Buttons and Profile Settings:


Tapping the Instruments button on the  top left will take you to the section where you can search for the instruments you want to trade.


The positions button allows you to check any open and pending positions. The Trades section allows you to view all your trades (both open and closed), while the history section shows only closed trades.


You can also see your Margin, Equity and Profit and Loss.


In the Profile Settings section (currency symbol icon at the top left) , you can view your Balances in more detail, aswell as enable one click trading, and switch your account.

 2. Chart Editing Tools:

This section offers various tools to help you monitor chart data in your preferred format. You can find tools such as:

  • Cursor
  • Draw Trend Lines
  • Gann and Fibonacci tools
  • Geometric Shapes
  • Annotation tools
  • Patterns
  • Prediction and measurement tools
  • Icons
  • Measurements
  • Zoom +
  • Zoom –
  • Magnet tool 

 3. Trade Section

This is where you will enter the parameters for your trade. You can enter the lot sizes, and tap on the arrow to expand this section, showing the option to order at market, or pending, aswell as the stop loss and take profit parameters.

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