Islamic Trading Accounts

Benefit from an interest-free experience by opening an Islamic Trading Account. Start trading according to Sharia Law and unlock all instruments and pairs that ProsperityFX provides.

Islamic Trading Accounts

Islamic Accounts ProsperityFX

Understanding Islamic Accounts

For new traders joining the markets, an Islamic Account may be an unfamiliar concept. It’s basically an account that complies with Sharia Law, thus eliminating overnight swap fees. Since Islamic Trading Accounts don’t create any swap interests, traders can enjoy an improved trading experience that doesn’t require them to pay any interest after leaving an open position overnight. Our traders experience fast easy account opening and in 3 easy steps you can choose to trade with our Islamic accounts.

Register with Prosperity

Sign up and open an Islamic account with ProsperityFX.

Fund your Account

Fund your account with our selection of different funding methods.

Unlock Ultimate Trading

Gain access to all of ProsperityFX’s tradable instruments & pairs.

The ProsperityFX Experience

Our Islamic accounts are available to all traders what’s more, on top of the many benefits with the Prosperity experience, opening an Islamic accounts means, no overnight costs. An Islamic account eliminates Swap fees from positions left open overnight.

How To Open An Islamic Account

Islamic Accounts ProsperityFX

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