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Our PAMM Accounts are designed to increase your earning potential. Traders of all levels can reap the rewards of smarter, more efficient trading.

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How PAMM Works

PAMM (short for Percentage Allocation Money Management) is a model of trading that brings traders together through a pool. Investors contribute capital to the PAMM pool, and an expert trader (or Manager) takes care of allocating funds into trades. Profits are then returned to the Investors, and the Manager receives a commission for contributing their expertise.

PAMM Terms & Conditions

How To Get Involved

Prosper With Our PAMM Accounts
Become a PAMM Investor
If you’re dreaming of easier, effortless trading, look no further. Invest in a PAMM pool and enjoy a truly passive income with zero work or stress.
Become a PAMM Manager
More experienced traders can enhance their earnings as PAMM Managers. We’ll help you make the most out of your trading talent by rewarding you with excellent commissions.
Prosperity for All
Benefit from the support of a superior broker and unbeatable trading conditions to reach new heights together!
Prosperity for Everyone
We never lose sight of our traders’ needs and that’s why our PAMM Accounts offer something for everyone. Let’s start prospering together today!
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