Withdrawal Bonus Terms & Conditions

Withdrawal Bonus ProsperityFX

Withdrawal Bonus Prosperity FX

Make Your Balance Grow

At ProsperityFX we believe in supporting our traders’ growth and experience. Therefore, we have chosen to present our traders with the opportunity of maximizing their earning potential. Our withdrawal bonus will give you an extra 20% credit on top of the withdrawal amount if you choose to keep the funds in your account, use this credit as a pathway for more trading and more profits with ProsperityFX.

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It Couldn’t Be Easier

First, click “Claim Bonus” when processing your withdrawal and select the MT4 Account you want to send your funds back to.

Second, the amount you wished to withdraw will be sent to the MT4 Account you selected as balance. Together with the 20% Bonus, added as credit.

Lastly, the 20% Credit you obtained can be converted into balance through trading activities. After turning your credit into balance, you can do with your funds as you wish.

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Terms & Conditions


Here follows the Terms and Conditions in relation to the Withdrawal Bonus campaign, which will be offered to select clients in a limited number of countries.

  1. The Withdrawal Bonus Promotion can only be redeemed by active clients of the broker who have received the notification at the point of withdrawal of funds from their live account.
  2. If the Withdrawal Bonus is declined at the point of notification, the client will not be able to avail of this promotion until their next withdrawal request.
  3. The Withdrawal Bonus Promotion is 20% of the Withdrawal Request total, with a limit of maximum credit paid to the value of $5000 or equivalent in the currency chosen per client.
  4. All Promotional rewards will be received as a credit in the client’s MT4 account until it is released to the clients’ balance once a sufficient level of trading has occurred to transfer the credit to the balance.
  5. Funds will be transferred from the clients’ credit to balance in their MT4 account at a rate of $5 or equivalent value in the client’s account currency per standard lot traded.
  6. If any amount of balance is removed from the clients’ account, and credit remains in the clients MT4 account, any remaining credit will be removed from the MT4 account.
  7. If the equity on the account is less than the credit of the account, all remaining credit will be removed from the client’s MT4 account, which could result in trades being stopped out.
  8. Once funds have moved from credit to balance on the clients’ account, the funds are then owned by the client and they may use the funds as they wish. While the bonus remains as credit, it remains the property of the broker.
  9. Only trading volumes in select asset groups are eligible in performing transfers under this promotion. The select asset groups are as follows- Cryptos, Metals, and Forex Pairs. Instruments in all other asset groups will be excluded.
  10. The Broker reserves the right to terminate this promotion at any time and reserves the right to make amendments to the terms of the promotions.
  11. The Broker reserves the right to remove eligibility for the promotion from the client it deems to be abusing the promotion.
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