Islamic Account FAQ with ProsperityFX

Can I have an Islamic Account?

There are no restrictions when creating an Islamic Account and they are available for all of our clients.


What is an Islamic Account?

An Islamic Account has identical pairs or instruments as our standard Live Trading Accounts. The main difference is that swap/rollover fees are not applicable making it compliant with Sharia Law. 

You will still be subject to commission fees, standard spreads, and other standard terms when trading with an Islamic Account.

Islamic Account Charges / Overnight cost

You may see a charge or overnight cost listed on your trade when keeping your trade open past end of day server time.

Are there any specific currencies I need to use?

Yes. You can only open trading accounts using USD ($) as the main currency.

Islamic Accounts Refund of Swap Fees

A refund of Swap Fees that have been incurred on your Trading Account before we have introduced this newest feature or at any point until you opt to convert your account to an Islamic Trading Account would not be possible.


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