Cyber Safety Tips and Tricks

Nowadays, one must be vigilant when using the web. Cybercrimes and scams are a pressing issue in today’s society. ProsperityFX would like to share some tips and tricks to keep you alert and safe.


Phishing is a technique used by hackers, sending fraudulent messages, links, and even calls. Many information may be found regarding this matter online. 

ProsperityFX would not contact you by phone to process withdrawals from your account and will always be in touch from [email protected]

Should you ever be in doubt when being contacted by phone, please feel free to request an email confirming all of the details discussed for that extra peace of mind.


Privacy is key – particularly on the web. We would like to highlight that we will never ask our clients for any passwords whatsoever. Under no circumstances should you give out your password.


Hackers have become seasoned over the years and have developed multiple methods of ways to deceit online. One should always keep an eye out for new techniques and scams which may be addressed on the news.

Web Advert Pop-Ups

If an advert sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Never trust suspicious adverts that pop up on websites. You may opt to install an ad blocker on your browser or use private mode.

Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus Software

Anti-malware and anti-virus software can be downloaded on your device to aid you with keeping your information safe, eliminating any harmful programs.

Protecting your Device

If you notice your device heating up or showing abnormalities. contact a trusted professional immediately. Task manager is also a handy software that provides you with all the activity ongoing on your machine.

Checking a Website’s Security Connection

A reliable website’s connection will always indicate as secure. This may be checked from the padlock icon in the URL bar.

If you are getting any Not Secure errors such as the below, ensure that you are using the correct URL ( and exit the fraudulent page instantly.

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