Funded Accounts: Challenge Rules & Requirements

Prosper and get funded by following the below requirements linked to our Funded Account Challenge.

If you do not meet the challenge’s requirements, your account will be disqualified. You will then need to purchase a new challenge to partake again.


Step 1: ProsperityFX Challenge


6% Profit in 365 days

Minimum trading days are not required

Daily Loss/Drawdown (Equity) of 5%

Maximum Overall Loss of 12%


Step 2: Verification


9% Profit in 365 days


Minimum days of trading are not required


Daily Loss/Drawdown (Equity) of 5%


Maximum Overall Loss of 12%


Daily Loss/Drawdown (Equity) Calculation:

If the price was initially $200 and then increased to a current value of $300, the profit would be 50%.

This also applies when the result is negative. If the price had decreased to $100, it would reflect a drawdown of -50%.


Once Step 2’s requirements have been met, our Trade Expert Team will review your performance in the challenge.


Our team takes the following points into consideration when reviewing your trading strategy:

 The consistency of position size

 The consistently appropriate scaling of trades

The position sizes held before and during major news events and/or market closings

The amount of profit that is earned during a day. The profit earned in a single trading day should not exceed 40% of the overall profit earned

The lot sizes traded on capital. Multiple factors will be taken into consideration, such as the asset traded, time, and date, along with other market conditions

Use of protections, including Stop Losses and Take Profits

After reviewing your accounts, our team will determine if your trading strategy suits our risk appetite. If so, we will grant you a Funded Account.

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