Funded Accounts: How It Works

Put your skills to the test and prove you can thrive amid tough trading challenges and get up to $200K in funding without risk of losing your own capital through our Funded Account Challenges.

We use a two-step evaluation approach to discover distinctive trading skills. If you’ve got it, you will receive a fully-funded account to kickstart your trading career risk-free. Our funded traders are given a generous 80% profit share!

How It Works


Sign up for our Funded Account Challenge Dashboard.

Purchase one of our challenges via the dashboard.

Different fees apply according to the size of the Funded Account you opt to be rewarded should you pass the challenge requirements and evaluation process.

Start trading in attempt to satisfy our performance criteria within a 2-step evaluation process.


Click here to view our challenge rules and requirements.

Once Step 2’s requirements have been met, our Trade Expert Team will review your performance in the challenge and determine if your trading strategy suits our risk appetite. If so, we will grant you a Funded Account.

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