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Evaluation Process

We use a two-step evaluation approach to discover distinctive trading skills. If you’ve got it, you will receive a fully-funded account to kickstart your trading career risk-free. Our funded traders are given a generous 80% profit share with the added benefit of continuously growing their account to 90% profit share through our scaling plan.

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Step 1: ProsperityFX Challenge Step 2: VerificationStep 3: Funded
Trading Period 365 Days365 DaysInfinite
Profit Target6%9%X
Minimum Trading Days UnlimitedUnlimitedX
Maximum Loss12%12%12%
Maximum Daily Loss5%5%5%
Available Leverage1:1001:1001:100
Refundable Fee + $1,000 Bonus$222 + bonus$311 + bonus$579 + bonus$979 + bonusFREEREFUND

To fully understand our Funded Account requirements, read our FAQs or our Terms & Conditions.

Prove Your Consistency

We aim to produce the best traders and to give traders the best opportunity to earn REAL funds. For this reason, we have introduced a consistency rule to each challenge, which allows traders to really showcase their skills and prove to us that they can earn “consistent” profits.

Our 40% Consistency Rule which includes The “Highest Day Profit” parameter (which can be viewed from your funded dashboard) states that the profit you earn on your best trading day cannot exceed 40% of the total profit earned for the duration of your challenge.

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Why Prosperity is the Right Choice

Prosper With Our PAMM Accounts
Favorable Profit Split
Reap 80% of the profits with the possibility of a raise dependent on performance
Transparent Tracking
Keep score of your performance to adjust your trading approach accordingly
Scaling Option
Take advantage of a profit share that upgrades from 80% to 90% for consistent traders
Weekend Holding
Hold your positions even on the weekends so you don’t miss any big market movement